LPG CNG Diaphragm

LPG and CNG Diaphragm Repair Kits

Includes LPG and CNG Diaphragm Repair Kits such as Tomasetto Diaphragms, Lovato Diaphragms, BRC Diaphragms, Landi Renzo Diaphragms, Romano Diaphragms, Zavoli Diaphragms, and many more items.


“We are a factory with 15 years of experience in diaphragm production,” which I said in previous years.But now I want to say that We are researchers on the diaphragm field, and we still have a lot to go.Add:RM2006 Cross-border e-commerce Park Xinyuan Road Li’an Hangzhou 311300 ChinaTelephone: 86-571-81899556FAX:E-mail: huhubox@gmail.com