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Teflon PTFE diaphragm

Teflon PTFE diaphragm

Teflon/PTFE is a high-performance polymer with excellent chemical resistance, non stick properties, and low friction coefficient. It is a white waxy solid that can be shaped into various shapes, including diaphragms. So Teflon/PTFE diaphragms have durability, chemical resistance, and flexibility, and can be used as components in various industries and applications.

Teflon PTFE diaphragm 2

Teflon PTFE diaphragm 2

PTFE can withstand a wide temperature range from extremely low to high temperatures without losing its performance. PTFE diaphragms have a non stick surface that prevents material adhesion and is easy to clean. Therefore, Teflon/PTFE diaphragms have strong resistance to various chemicals, acids, and solvents, making them suitable for the application of corrosive substances.

Teflon PTFE diaphragm 3

Teflon PTFE diaphragm 3

PTFE diaphragm is manufactured by PTFE suspension resin with high strength and tenacity, and

produced in methods of moulding, skiving and finalizing. It can also be adhered to rubber and metal

after one side etched that accoding customer requirements

3. Uses
Used in metri pumps, diaphragm pumps and diaphragm valves.

These diaphragms have flexibility and can respond quickly to pressure changes, making them suitable for applications that require precise control.

Their reliability and durability make them a preferred choice in many demanding applications.


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